Updated: Jun 14

Covid-19 will go away just like it came in. It will pass. It will leave the sadness of grieving families, an unprecedented economic crisis and the world facing a reality it already knew. But the Covids, just as SARS, H1N1, will come back, in waves, dressed differently and carrying the same message: "If you humans don't change, nature will defend itself and organize to gradually take away the privileges it's allowed you to take over time."


To our knowledge, there is no such thing as broccoli virus. Broccoli virus is about deciding to get lucky all together. It is about doing something beautiful with what happens to us, for our children and for those who will no longer be around to see what happens next. The responsibility lies with those who have the economic power. Social and environmental philanthropy has been around for centuries, but it has never solved the world's problems. It has often done good, of course, but it has not changed the world. Today, corporations, institutions, family businesses and entrepreneurs can direct their energy, creativity, human resources, technologies and financial capital towards circular and sustainable economic models. It is up to them, to us, to create a different model that moves away from the traditional "risk/return" to the virtuous triangle "risk/return/impact". The famous "KPI's" of companies must include tomorrow an impact dimension or they will disappear. They will disappear because our children's generation will be vegetarian, they will not dress with clothes sometimes made by other children and crossing the world to be worn a few months before being abandoned for the new collection. They will want to live in passive housing, drive around in autonomous vehicles, find the virtue of a vegetable garden, which will be technological, urban, landless, almost waterless, and organic. Those who can change everything by orienting finance towards sustainable finance will be positive to the #brocolivirus. In these times of containment, take a moment to look at it. It is at home and in your companies, waiting for you and reaching out to you. We can change the way we consume and eat, we can change our economic models and our lifestyle. We can change our relationship to the world and our relationship to our elders.

The 2 photos in this article look alike, the first one being a broccoli, the second one being a forest seen from the sky, like a rich canopy of a circular eco-system where each element has a place and each one is in its place. Choose your place, join the movement, share I am positive to the #brocolivirus.

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